Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Main Main Makeup - NAKED 2 Eye Palette by URBAN DECAY

If you are a big fan of URBAN DECAY and everything makeup, NAKED eye palette is something very familiar to you. Ever since UD introduced the NAKED palette, it became sooo popular among makeup lovers as the best eye palette that features 12 never boring, warm tone colors.

As for myself, I've been wanting the NAKED palette for so long but willing to wait until UD came to Malaysia. So when Sephora opened, and after they brought it in it sold out immediately like hot cakes!! I really can't remember why I didn't grab the chance when my friend who is a make-ups collector cum addict - Aishah (hehe jangan marah ye if u read this) offer to buy it for me, I turned it down... then I remember later when I went to S'pore NAKED palette was also sold out at all their Sephora outlets.

It wasn't so bad not having the palette in hand cos' I have other palette and warm color swatches that comes in handy (btw, I always and forever will continue using Casino by MAC - my favourite bronze color swatch).  But when last month LivingSocial offered NAKED 2 eye palette with starting price from RM75 (if you take 2 units) I couldn't help but grab the offer! it retails at RM179 in Sephora and I could get it for RM75, rugi la kalau tolak... btw, the website claim the product is originally by OEM, in which I accept it in good faith :)

It took almost 1 month to be delivered and I got mine last 2 weeks.. dapat je, terus I tried it on my colleague yg eager to learn how to apply eyeshadow :) my pleasure dear...

it came in a box

revealing.. the palette (haish apsal la gambar ni load vertical plak.. it is supposed to be horizontal but  I cant change it lor)
Tadaaa... the real thing that comes together with double sided brush for shadow and  creasing/blending (the rounded end)
So, how does this palette different from NAKED? it has 5 new shades.. and there are so many reviews about this palette out there that you can read eg. here Some of my friends are eager to grab it with the same offer and lucky them I saw another offer at .. it even comes with a free lipgloss :) so now they just have to wait for the item to be delivered.


  1. Are oem naked palettes as good as the original ones?

  2. Mind sharing, does the OEM palette works as good as the original?