Wednesday, November 28, 2012

BIG BAD WOLF 2012 - My Preview Pass *woot2

Time to show off my preview pass to BBW 2012! Hehehe jangan jeles u olss.... nnt I update the scene from 6th December 2012 ye :)) 

How do I get it? It was during the Aftermath Sale in 2011 where the early birds got the chance by just telling the staff in-charge a secret password (the password was announced in their blog or fb.. can't really remember). So last Saturday I got the email to collect the preview pass at BookXcess.

But don't be disheartened if you don't have the preview pass cos' BBW just announced that they will be opening for 63 straight hours from 6.30am on 7th December until 9.30pm on 9th December.. so be there at wee hours and beat all the traffic! Check this out

Main Main Makeup - NAKED 2 Eye Palette by URBAN DECAY

If you are a big fan of URBAN DECAY and everything makeup, NAKED eye palette is something very familiar to you. Ever since UD introduced the NAKED palette, it became sooo popular among makeup lovers as the best eye palette that features 12 never boring, warm tone colors.

As for myself, I've been wanting the NAKED palette for so long but willing to wait until UD came to Malaysia. So when Sephora opened, and after they brought it in it sold out immediately like hot cakes!! I really can't remember why I didn't grab the chance when my friend who is a make-ups collector cum addict - Aishah (hehe jangan marah ye if u read this) offer to buy it for me, I turned it down... then I remember later when I went to S'pore NAKED palette was also sold out at all their Sephora outlets.

It wasn't so bad not having the palette in hand cos' I have other palette and warm color swatches that comes in handy (btw, I always and forever will continue using Casino by MAC - my favourite bronze color swatch).  But when last month LivingSocial offered NAKED 2 eye palette with starting price from RM75 (if you take 2 units) I couldn't help but grab the offer! it retails at RM179 in Sephora and I could get it for RM75, rugi la kalau tolak... btw, the website claim the product is originally by OEM, in which I accept it in good faith :)

It took almost 1 month to be delivered and I got mine last 2 weeks.. dapat je, terus I tried it on my colleague yg eager to learn how to apply eyeshadow :) my pleasure dear...

it came in a box

revealing.. the palette (haish apsal la gambar ni load vertical plak.. it is supposed to be horizontal but  I cant change it lor)
Tadaaa... the real thing that comes together with double sided brush for shadow and  creasing/blending (the rounded end)
So, how does this palette different from NAKED? it has 5 new shades.. and there are so many reviews about this palette out there that you can read eg. here Some of my friends are eager to grab it with the same offer and lucky them I saw another offer at .. it even comes with a free lipgloss :) so now they just have to wait for the item to be delivered.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Main Main Makeup - MAC Glitter & Ice Holiday Collection 2011

Haaa this post has been longggggg overdue.. almost a year in fact! teruk btul aku kan... nak hapdate pon payah. Padahal kat fb dah lama duk create album for this collection. Since I've mentioned about MAC last year's holiday collection in my previous post, so might as well I show you the real thing in case you are wondering.

I've created many looks wit da palette already but just too lazy to capture the results... urmm.. they have this 3 palettes and guess what?? I got it all 3! (haha if u know me it's not a surprise meh...) 

pretty packaging that suits the collection's name
Below are the content of the palettes:

Cool Palette consists of Howzat pale lavande (satin), Snowball frost white (frost), Warm & Smoky dull violet (veluxe pearl), Idol Eyes sparkling blue (lustre), Illegal Cargo jet-black (frost) and Set to Dance royal blue (matte)
Sultry Palette consists of Black Tied (velvet), Trax (velvet), Shadowy Lady (matte), Fun! pink patina (lustre), Lightfully white with pink shades (lustre) and Festive Delight wine-coloured
Warm Palette consists of Buckwheat dark brown (velvet), Gaelic Gold gold (veluxe pearl), Patina (frost), Magical Mist sparkling grey (lustre), Winterscape bright pearl brown (lustre) and Midnight Flurry black (matte)
From the 3 palettes, I love Sultry Palette the most! My verdict? very pretty packaging, nice color selections, worth buy too but slightly too small for my preference since it consists of 6 colors. As you can see the brush that comes together has a very short handle. I prefer it to be slightly longer for better control and bigger packaging.

Main Main Makeup - Bobbi Brown Caviar & Black Pearl 2012 Holiday Collection

Dah lama x buat update pasal makeup kan... cos' xde mood :( since I got pregnant, my skin is not in good condition and I just don't have the mood to wear anything even lipstick! but I do miss makeup and looking good and off lately I've started to gain a lot of energy and started to feel more like my 'real' self again :) 

Since December is approaching, I've always look forward what MAC and Bobbi Brown's Holiday Collection going to be for the year. Since last year I've got MAC's, this year Bobbi Brown's Caviar & Black Pearl eye palette really gets my attention.
Black Pearl -  complete your smokey look with this very practical palette 

Caviar - love, love the olive color (bottom most left)

Both palettes are very practical in which you could really use all the colors and they do have a pretty highlights and base color. I am very particular when choosing a palette. The first palette that I have and really satisfy was Chanel Les Ombres Quadra - 14 Mystic Eyes. But these 2 palettes proof to me that I will be using them a lot! The finishes varies from matte, shimmery and satin. From my experience of shimmer shadow, it does look very shimmery in the palette but it is subtle enough when it applies hence you could create the looks at all times using these palette.

10 minutes look using Caviar pallete and Bobbi Brown gel eye-liner in Espresso (sorry about the brow, few months without threading.. haishh) .. sesuai utk makeup pegi keje pon..

I got both palettes and the black gel eye-liner and got these free gifts! 
Clockwise from the top - mascara, eye makeup remover, eye cream and  lip palette.. oh not to forget it comes together with BB make-up bag 

My 1st lip palette.. love the soft colors and the shades are suitable for all skin tone
My verdict?? puas hati and worth it. If you love au-natural looks i.e Bobbi Brown's look, with warm/cool shades that is not over the top, these palettes are for you. The packaging is nice and about 3 quarter size of my palm. The swatches are adequate in size as compared to MAC that always have a very small palette. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

L'Oreal, Maybelline, Garnier Family & Friends Sale - Part 2

I would say that the sale was sooo great that I've decided to go on the final day (25th Nov) hoping to stock up on shampoos... I was there exactly at 9am (they opened 1 hour earlier on the last day) but the place only opened up for customers at about 9.30am. Less than 10 people were there and definitely there was no queue which is a good thing :)

Unfortunately all adult shampoo is already out of stock :( however as expected, they slash up the prices even more:

From RM12 drop to RM8 (RRP49.90)

Earlier I bought this for RM8, but on the last day it became RM5!

Was RM15 but drop to RM10.. same goes with the Overnight Cream (no photo)

As for others that I've noted;
  • Maybelline powder refill - from RM6 to RM5
  • Maybelline BB cream 6ml - from RM4 to RM2
  • L'Oreal compact powder - from RM10 to buy 1 free 1 (RM5 each)
  • Garnier White and Moisturising Cream - from RM3 to buy 1 free 1 (RM1.50 each)
  • L'Oreal Kids Shampoo - from RM6 to RM5 (much later in the afternoon after I left the place)
  • Garnier Age Lift day cream - from RM15 to RM10 (bought for my mom but the night cream has already out of stock)

only RM5.. can be used by both women and men
Really happy and satisfied with the haul (hope all my friends did too) with enough stocks for months to come :)) look forward for future sale :))

Saturday, November 24, 2012

L'Oreal, Maybelline, Garnier Warehouse Sale 2012

Salam alls... just to share with you on the price list of on-going L'Oreal, Maybelline, Garnier Sales!

it says friends and family sale but to me it is a warehouse sale :))

I've been to similar warehouse sale before (but different organizer n it was held in a hotel in sri petaling.. cant remember the name though) and for me it was a good buy cos' u could get up to 50% discounts on most items. I normally would stock up on compact powder (i'm using Maybelline's), some lipstick (L'Oreal color riche in Brown Stone.. lovely!) cos' both me n my mom are using it and Garnier's whitening deodorant (i used to buy at RM4 ea since RRP is about RM7). So happened is that i've run out of stock in hand of deodorant for couple of months already n desperately got myself to pay at retail price (knowing that i could get it very cheap huhu).
In fact I'm kinda waiting when will be the next L'Oreal warehouse sale, n lucky me they are having it right now! But this time around very2 sad, no Garnier whitening deodorant except for men's deodorant (50% off retail price!!!). Managed to get the price list (except for Lo'real cosmetics's cos I didn't buy any of those). So glad to share it with all the readers out there:
as u can see they slash up some of the prices even more..
more price listing for Maybelline's cosmetics.. those lipsticks are for my friends who stay too far to drop by the place

this one consists of Garnier and L'Oreal i guess.. if u using any of this then u'll be familiar with the name
Let's take closer look on things that I bought... I just bought shampoos, compact powder, face wash and deodorant.. the rest are for friends yg mengirim (jadi personal shopper giteww) 

RM10@400ml (RRP16.90) they hv it for frizzy and very frizzy hair type only but without conditioner

This is the compact powder that I mentioned earlier.. selling for RM8 (RRP18.90) only. Garnier is also having similar compact powder selling at RM8 (RRP15.90)

just discover this.. worth buy (very2 nice smells), imported from US and only selling at midvalley.. now selling at RM6 (RRP16.90)

get this for Kak Ida

RM5 (RRP35.90 as reported by Miss Sunshine) ?? worth it or what?.. they have it for other skin type too

they even have it for dry skin and for exfoliating (all skin type) see the review of this product here by Miu 

shampoo with cond (400ml) selling for RM12.. only left for dry and dull/greasy hair type (pink packaging)

selling at RM5 (RRP 9.90) they are another 2 type - comforting and hydra something.. cant really remember
My friends would like to have L'Oreal Color Riche lipstick but they run out of stock already.. selling for RM12 (RRP 28) last time I bought for RM17.. now the price is even lower. I also noted that L'Oreal eyelash serum is selling for RM20 (RRP49.90). Then they have L'Oreal hydrafresh facewash and derma genesis facewash selling for RM8 per tube... many more...
Tomorrow is their last day.. perhaps they might slash the price even more! they often did :)

p/s: btw, the credit card can be used for payment of RM50 and above... not RM100 as per the advertisement

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I'm 32 weeks :)

Salam people.. wonder what happened to me? I am fine, just embracing my pregnancy for the past 7 months :))) YUP, I AM PREGNANT!!!!

Alhamdulillah, after years of trying Danial is finally going to be a big brother! I will be due on January 5, 2013, insyaAllah...

So to all who's in the same shoes as me before don't give up hope and doa... Allah will determine what is the best for us. Like me, I didn't go for any treatment (did IUI twice in 2009 and 6 months of fertility treatment but nothing happened) this time around tapi akhirnya dikurniakan rezeki yang tak disangka2 :) syukur sangat2...

Nonetheless, thanks to Premium Beautiful i do believe it does wonders... last time not just I've experienced it myself the effectiveness as body shaper but now I'm one of the life testimonial and among those who got pregnant after few months of consistently wearing PB :))

Worth every penny! Thank you Premium Beautiful... can't wait to get back in shape during confinement nanti!!