Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Main Main Makeup - Bobbi Brown Caviar & Black Pearl 2012 Holiday Collection

Dah lama x buat update pasal makeup kan... cos' xde mood :( since I got pregnant, my skin is not in good condition and I just don't have the mood to wear anything even lipstick! but I do miss makeup and looking good and off lately I've started to gain a lot of energy and started to feel more like my 'real' self again :) 

Since December is approaching, I've always look forward what MAC and Bobbi Brown's Holiday Collection going to be for the year. Since last year I've got MAC's, this year Bobbi Brown's Caviar & Black Pearl eye palette really gets my attention.
Black Pearl -  complete your smokey look with this very practical palette 

Caviar - love, love the olive color (bottom most left)

Both palettes are very practical in which you could really use all the colors and they do have a pretty highlights and base color. I am very particular when choosing a palette. The first palette that I have and really satisfy was Chanel Les Ombres Quadra - 14 Mystic Eyes. But these 2 palettes proof to me that I will be using them a lot! The finishes varies from matte, shimmery and satin. From my experience of shimmer shadow, it does look very shimmery in the palette but it is subtle enough when it applies hence you could create the looks at all times using these palette.

10 minutes look using Caviar pallete and Bobbi Brown gel eye-liner in Espresso (sorry about the brow, few months without threading.. haishh) .. sesuai utk makeup pegi keje pon..

I got both palettes and the black gel eye-liner and got these free gifts! 
Clockwise from the top - mascara, eye makeup remover, eye cream and  lip palette.. oh not to forget it comes together with BB make-up bag 

My 1st lip palette.. love the soft colors and the shades are suitable for all skin tone
My verdict?? puas hati and worth it. If you love au-natural looks i.e Bobbi Brown's look, with warm/cool shades that is not over the top, these palettes are for you. The packaging is nice and about 3 quarter size of my palm. The swatches are adequate in size as compared to MAC that always have a very small palette. 

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