Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Makeup Regime (Part 1) - Face Based and Foundation

Ola! today I wish to share with you the first part of my makeup regime, in case you are a beginner who wanna know more about applying your own makeup, or someone who just loves to read about makeup reviews and all.

FIRST and foremost, we need to prep our face before applying any makeup on.. reason is because, to protect the skin and make sure that your makeup last long. Like a normal basic skin care regime, one need to cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin on DAILY basis. Find more about what skin care is the best for your skin type..

SECONDLY, after moisturize da skin, let's apply some face primer. Some call it face based, etc.. but the purpose is mainly to protect your skin, ensure that your foundation can be applied more evenly, not cakey throughout the day and last longer. Just a pea size, is enough for the entire face. I've tried several face primer:

good product
the best so far.. but price is slightly expensive

great texture, gel like but not sticky at all, the cheapest compared to the above but hate the packaging :(
THIRDLY, it's time to apply some foundation. I don't use concealer but if you need one, it should be applied before the foundation. Apply few dots under the eyes, and dap using your finger. Apparently the heat from your finger helps to blend the concealer evenly. 

There are many types of foundation out there.. it's a matter of trial an error to find the best that works for you :) as for me, oil-free liquid foundation would be my choice. And currently I am totally in love with STAGE Picture Perfect Foundation in 07 Genie. Great product, long lasting with matte finish that works very well on me who sweat a lot!

To apply the foundation, I use brush.. some prefer to use sponge. But my advice is to NEVER use your finger. Why?? it's unhygienic and it's a waste of effort and product cos' you'll get less product on your face but instead on your finger. It's good to invest in a good brush since it lasts a long time and a good brush won't be harsh but gentle on your skin. But to begin with, you can get this stipling brush from Etude House.. it's ok for a beginner, cost less than RM30 (get it during discount period)

the brush is less dense, but it's affordable to begin with and applied the foundation well
If you want a better brush, I would recommend that you invest in this flat top synthetic kabuki brush from Sigma.. it's the best!

Follow these steps when you apply the foundation:
1. Spray a bit of water on the brush.. I use MAC fix brume+fixante. A slightly damp brush applied foundation more evenly and you will use less product on your face

2. Squeeze the product at the back of your left palm (if you use your right hand to handle the brush) as shown below:

3. Now, with a light hand tap your brush to pick some of the product and in circular motion, move the brush onto your face. I normally would start on the right cheek, working at one area at the time and move along the nose, on the chin, left cheek and finally on the forehead. Make sure that you keep the brush in circular motion along the hairline, jaw line and down to your neck to ensure even application.

LASTLY, finish of your face with a loose powder using a kabuki brush or face brush for a lasting matte finish :)