Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Main Main Makeup - MAC Glitter & Ice Holiday Collection 2011

Haaa this post has been longggggg overdue.. almost a year in fact! teruk btul aku kan... nak hapdate pon payah. Padahal kat fb dah lama duk create album for this collection. Since I've mentioned about MAC last year's holiday collection in my previous post, so might as well I show you the real thing in case you are wondering.

I've created many looks wit da palette already but just too lazy to capture the results... urmm.. they have this 3 palettes and guess what?? I got it all 3! (haha if u know me it's not a surprise meh...) 

pretty packaging that suits the collection's name
Below are the content of the palettes:

Cool Palette consists of Howzat pale lavande (satin), Snowball frost white (frost), Warm & Smoky dull violet (veluxe pearl), Idol Eyes sparkling blue (lustre), Illegal Cargo jet-black (frost) and Set to Dance royal blue (matte)
Sultry Palette consists of Black Tied (velvet), Trax (velvet), Shadowy Lady (matte), Fun! pink patina (lustre), Lightfully white with pink shades (lustre) and Festive Delight wine-coloured
Warm Palette consists of Buckwheat dark brown (velvet), Gaelic Gold gold (veluxe pearl), Patina (frost), Magical Mist sparkling grey (lustre), Winterscape bright pearl brown (lustre) and Midnight Flurry black (matte)
From the 3 palettes, I love Sultry Palette the most! My verdict? very pretty packaging, nice color selections, worth buy too but slightly too small for my preference since it consists of 6 colors. As you can see the brush that comes together has a very short handle. I prefer it to be slightly longer for better control and bigger packaging.

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