Monday, February 27, 2012

Booth Opening - 6 & 7 March 2011, Wisma Tani@Putrajaya

You are cordially invited to Premium Beautiful - Journey Towards Beautiful Life promotional booth opening on:

Date - 6 & 7 March 2011 (Tuesday and Wednesday)

Venue - Wisma Tani, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 4 Putrajaya

- FREE Gift* -
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- FREE Trial -
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More and more surprises awaits!

Tell everyone and see u there!!!

*hint - Victoria Secret.. H2O+... MAC.... Estee Lauder.... ;)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

What You Wear Can Change Your Life

some of my haul from BBW.. great read!

see that book by Trinny and Susannah?? oh yess.. i love reading from them :) great grooming tips!

"The older you get the more responsibilities you have, be it kids or mortgages. Money to burn on clothes becomes less. Surplus income should be spent on a sensible wardrobe that lasts. Well, what's the sodding point if your tits are down by your ankles (huhu) and your pock-marked arse bubbles the material of your trousers (boohoo!) If you want to feel good (and definitely look good!), you HAVE to fork out for excellent underwear. Your hard-earned cash is far better spent on bras, pants and reconstructive fortressing than a cute top from Marc Jacobs - Trinny and Susannah"

Very well said... thumbs up to these sensible ladies. I wish to share that this is one of the thing addressed by Premium Beautiful Health & Beauty Corset.. not only it will 'mold' back the body into it's ideal shape, it is also full of health goodness. Simply said - it minimises the hours required in the gym and maximises the amount of benefits one can get from exercising and dieting! It burns 900cal in one hour!! and you just have to wear it up to 8 hours daily to optimize the effect.. ain't that great??

so what you guys waiting for?? blow the diet and exercise regime (if you wish) and invest in some great, lifetime warranty undergarments... definite results in 4 days! free 30 minutes trial and contact me for a free consultation.

real testimonial! call, text, whatsapp me - 0133619592 or email

Friday, February 17, 2012

Weddings of 2011 (Babies of 2012)

I had a total blast last year with weddings of love ones and close relatives.. just a quick snapshots of 2011 weddings!


Oya is hubby's only sister and my sister in law.. :) she finally met the love of her life..
they are both expecting their first born this year.. congrats to u!

AZREE & FUZA (3 JULY 2011)

Azree is my dear cousin, anak Mak Anjang and Pak Anjang... congrats to both of them too since Fuza is going to deliver her first baby very2 soon :)) welcome to parenthood uols!

and last but not least, my dearest ones


photo by Aznul Muzahfar

Hafiz is my beloved brother :)) a bunch of congratulations to them both cos' the couple is also expecting their first baby by August this year... YEAYYYY dan Alhamdulillah makin bertambah cucu2 Hj Shahid & Hjh Normadiah.

photo by Aznul Muzahfar :)
2011 was a great year with full of memories to be treasured... congratulations to all couples and wishing you guys a great life ahead.. respect and care for each other.
And may I be the earliest to give an advance welcome to parenthood!

reception at Dewan Perdana

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kenangan Lama

tetiba teringat masa zaman2 sekolah dengan my dearest best friend Farah Hyeranie Mohamed...she loves this quote n i like it tooo... 'Naku Penda Piya - Naku Taka Piya - Mpenziwe' .. u guys know what is it or what does it means?? go figure... heheee

take a sip :)

BTW, new project coming right up! u love to travel? it's free, it's in June 2012 and it's GUANGZHOU!!!
JOM, let's join me and our team in VIP trip to this beautiful city :) now everyone can fly... for FREEEEEEEE


Friday, February 10, 2012

Distributors Wanted!

Our team is one of the leading players under the top stockist in Malaysia (B32). We call ourselves the Green Lantern Eagles continues to leverage off the strengths and has a clear and aggressive growth vision.

As our growth is accelerating at a remarkable rate, we now seek strong will individuals to come on board and fuel the next phase of our progress.

With us, you’ll enjoy opportunities in an environment that recognises and rewards exceptional performance, and compete in a marketplace with unlimited opportunities. To help you capitalise on these opportunities, we offer boundless trainings and development for a far-reaching career development.


  • Learn and internalize the product knowledge

  • Execute the business plan, action plan and marketing strategies prepared by leaders

  • Ask and refer leaders at anytime, anywhere and on all matters (24-7)


  • Ambitious, strong will individuals (male and female) who has larger than life dreams

  • A team player that is motivated to become great leader

  • Eager and willing to learn

The greater the performance, the greater the rewards. If a good career challenge does not intimidate you, but excites you, let's join us on board!

Contact us at 013-3619592 or drop us a line at and let us take you further.

What's on offer:

  • 5 to 6 figures monthly income within 6 to 24 months achievable thru part-time or full-time involvement

  • Rewards and recognition from company, stockist and leader based on performance

  • Free VIP trips - minimum 3 times a year

  • Car fund

  • Free twice a week trainings on product and business strategies

  • Intensive and hands-on coaching and relentless support by great and successful leaders throughout the business (check: Lily Halim, Salha Zain, Hanis Haizi)

  • Opportunity to own a business and opening up franchises that can be cascaded down and inherited by your love ones




Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bounce Back

Salam and hello peeps... been so long since my last updates yeah! isk2 i had some work 'crisis' towards year end and of lately and was not in a mood to update anything :( to bad kan.. the thing about me is that when i got hit hard, very2 hard.. i didn't bounce back as fast and as higher as i should be.. and it ain't good :(
Not a happy ending for year 2011 and not so good start for year 2012 I would say..

Depending on circumstances and condition, i guess i just go sooooooooo exhausted when things happened..
When everything goes wrong, it's hard to be so strong - i kinda agree with this saying which was written on one of my MRSM t-shirt back then huhu..

But when the rain has gone, i start to see more clearly.. i'm clearing the clusters now, had my 'therapy' n hope things gonna get back on track..soon.. insyaAllah (pray hard on this).
Although not so great ending for year 2011, but last year wasn't all bad.. It was a good year for me in fact - i've loss weight for good reasons and had a good start in life changing biz.
the road is kinda bumpy with obstacles along the way that rather slows me down, but i'm not giving up though.. not yet..

So let's bounce back bebeh! harder and higher :))