Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Lunch Date That Change My Future

So, what makes me choose PB? Al-kisah bermula bila my ex-boss's wife Kak Lily Jasmin pm me at fb asking if I would like for a free consultation about the product. PB is not something new, in fact Aishah already introduced it to me around November 2010 cuma masa tu belum sampai 'seru' to really want to have it. So when Kak Lily asked me for lunch last month, I decided to meet her up cos' the first thing that came into my mind is that - I wonder if she's selling PB, how can he turnaround Amar (her hubby i.e my ex-boss)?? Amar is not only my ex-boss but he's also a friend of mine.. knowing him n how cynic he can be, it makes me wonder how can Kak Lily could venture into this biz.. I'm not really close to Kak Lily cos' she just happened to be a good friend of Kak Dilla n we met few times on several occasion.

When we met up, Kak Lily looks good than ever! She's a housewife n quit her high-profile corporate job in one of the mobile Telco after her 3rd born baby.. and that was 9 months ago. She loves kids very much and hoping to run her own montessori and childcare centre. But of course she needs capital to do that.. n it's a lot! After months of staying at home, and when the household expenses has shifted 100% on the husband... it's not gonna be easy and definitely money become and issue. Nak dijadikan kisah and sudah ketentuan Allah SWT, Kak Lily's ex-staff i.e Alfaath was the husband to one of the top CDM of Premium Beautiful - Salha Zain . Kak Lily did share Salha's website earlier and indeed Salha's achievement is something that I would say - it's just too good to be true :) call me cynic, but yea.. that was my perception at the beginning.

It was a nice lunch meeting when we just catching up about what's going on in each other's life.. Kak Lily told me that Salha will be coming to join us.. Wallah!! it's a chance to meet the real person in life... ermm byk btul soalan terbuku kat kepala hehe.. masa ni Kak Lily already told me about how good is the product.. the testimonial and her experience wearing it. Well, one thing about me is that I'm da kind of person that doesnt really buy what people say unless there's hard fact evidence (am auditor, right?) so nvm, absorb je dulu story tu byk2.. balik I'll do my homework :)) better still, will conduct my own observation n analysis i.e wear it n experience PB myself ler.. btw, I did have the waist nipper that is in my size yg i tak pakai lagi..cuma long bra n girdle je I've returned back to Aishah cos' the size doesn't fit me.

Back to Salha.. masa jumpa tu my impression was, she is soooooo down to earth kind of person! and i just developed instant liking on her.. maybe the fact that both Salha and Kak Lily are not sales person! there are just merely sharing their experience with PB :) Salha was a banker before and she quit her job to raise her kids last couple of years.. how she struggle back then and look at how the biz transformed her today makes me realized that this is an opportunity that I've been waiting for.. it's right before my eye, and I know I can do this! Cos' I've been looking for avenue for me to have an 'early retirement' and to pursue my hobby/dreams.. it's just that I couldnt see the light at the end of the tunnel before this.. and with endless commitments I dont think leaving my current job is an option! giler ke nak berhenti kerja, kalau hutang keliling pinggang belum abis bayar!

So I did my risk assessment... throw it to Kak Lily and Salha with all the possibilities of 'what if' scenarios.. and they answered it, in which I found logical, acceptable and convincing. From risk point of view once you identified possible risks and addressed it.. the likelihood and impact of the risks will be reduced... so kenapa nak takut? sume2 benda pon ada risks.. but if u know how to address n mitigate it, x jadi risk la lagi :) So, I go home, explained to my hubby n managed to get his buy-in. Oh, btw my hubby yg 2x5 like Amar pon boleh turnaround :)) !

Below are the strong points why I decided to embark into this biz:

1. Strong product and brand name - PB is the only corset that was awarded with Superbrands and so far I've not found a negative testimonial. It is proven effective depending on the discipline of the user in wearing the corset. Plus the Premium Beautiful is already 20 years in the market (mesti ramai tak tau kan??)

2. The company - Hai-O Marketing, the company behind Premium Beautiful was founded since 1975 is highly reputable with numerous awards that they have won throughout the years... I just noted that they won yearly Forbes awards since 2006! (uish company aku yg gah tu pon x penah menang Forbes award huhuhu). So as far as the company's going concern, insyaAllah it's not like they are $2 company that could easily 'bungkus' tomorrow.

3. The team dynamics and biz strategies - All i can say is that on top of the strong product and company behind it, I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to be part of the most highly effective team who generates almost 70% of total PB sales! how do we do it? superb strategies and team dynamic ;) Like what our top CDM - Kak Ana said, "product sama, company sama, tapi kepimpinan berbeza"... it's true and proven :) we have strategist, motivators, doctors and professionals in the group that continuously support each other no matter what... the spirit is too strong that it easily lifted one person spirit without giving you the chance to be down! And i believe this is the root of all success cos' someone wise told me - manusia ni takde yang malas, but they just lack of motivation.. dont u agree??

It's one of a kind experience and lifetime opportunity that could totally change your life! if you want to know more call/text me at 013-3619592.. I have so much to share and sooo love with this new spirit injected in me.. thanks to Al-Mighty Allah SWT for this new opportunity and rezeki.

Me, Salha and my biz partner - Kak Siti during the team's Premium Beautiful booth campaign

*Notes: the above entry was wrote sometimes in early Ramadhan when I updated my old blog as of this juncture, Lily Jasmin is already positioned as Double Diamond Manager :) CONGRATULATIONS KAK LILY!

Me, Weight Loss and Premium Beautiful

Personally after about 7 months into the year, 2011 has been quite a great year so far.. well not all great of course but I decided to leave all the sad stories n bad experience behind and move forward towards achieving my dreams :) Barang lepas buat apa nak dikenang, ye dak? Move on gurl..

One of the biggest achievement by far is my journey towards achieving my pre-wed body/weight :)) Hehe.. yup I've been struggling with the excess weight after gave birth to Danial... actually not so bad lepas bersalin tu but months and years later I did gained A LOT especially in 2009 during my hormonal treatment to conceive the second baby :( after months on Clomid and twice IUI, all failed.. and i decided to give my body a rest and 2010 was a year of detoxification from those drugs that I took earlier.. It was quite an experience (not so nice one though) n I hope I dont have to go through those process again!

Byk kali gak aku cuba loss weight last time.. most of the time guna kaedah traditional i.e bersenam dan diet.. unfortunately it took 1 month to loss 3kg! that includes abstained myself from rice.. after 3kg tu mula la the weight loss process will drag n slowww down. Stress!! Until this year bila K.Ilya from my office start taking De Bella Litchin n she loss 7kg in 2 months! Wow, aku pon rasa teruja nak cuba... before this I've tried Jus Mate tp mmg sia2 je... Jus Mate is a food replacement n it makes me hungry!!! tp berbeza dgn Litchin, it's like a supplement that one have to take before breakfast, dinner n right before bed.. rule of thumb, kena minum air yg byk.. i'm talking abt 4-5liter each day. And guess what?? after 20 days on Litchin, I've loss 5kg and drop 1 dress size :D YEAYYY!!! Mau nye x happy...

So since April until to date my total weight loss is 9kg... but I've stop Litchin n now start wearing Premium Beautiful corset instead to continue the weight loss until I reach my ultimate goal! Cos' I've spent about RM1k already on Litchin n will definitely need to continue buying until I reach my dream weight.. tapi with PB, i realized that it's one time investment that (1) still promotes weight loss, (2) help me to shape up after losing all the weight before and (3) regulates blood circulation n promotes health<-- hoping it could indirectly increase my chance of getting pregnant again, naturally :)

Within 4 days by just wearing the waist nipper alone (before I got my full set) I've dropped extra 2kg! This is amazing... And for the first time ever, dear hubby start asking how much I've lost, and puji how curvy I am getting! Hehehe.. uish I was in cloud nine.. bukan senang dear hubby nak puji tau... :)) Walhal before ni dah byk gak loss especially when i drastically loss 5kg in 20 days.. friends n family members dah tegur tp hubby buat dek je.. In fact hubby siap tanya bila nak pakai full set PB! wah.. dia plak yg lebih kan.. but i notice that in just few days mmg ketara perubahan pada badan... more shapey n potongan lebih kemas.. now i know how the product really worth after paying so much!

If u guys want to experience it yourself.. give me a call or text me at 013-3619592 for product sharing and free consultation :)

A New Step... My New Beginning

Who am I?? Im just a plain working wife, n a mom to a 5 year old boy. A certified internal auditor in one of the GLC, who decided to make a leap in her life after yearssss of hardwork, blood n tears of contributing to the corporate world.

This is it.. after years of looking, finding, I've finally ventured into enterpreneurship! yezza.. although i've started off few years back with my cupcakes biz (deliena cupcakes), it was just a small venture. Too bad the biz has to be put on halt for the time being despite of the encouraging demand and all... to bake n decor the cupcakes require the time.. n I have to say that without a helper around, I don't dare to take any order especially when I'm still working full time and was promoted recently = more responsibilities!

Tapi setelah berjumpa dengan peluang kali ni, I will grab it and raise to the challenge :) Nak tau biz apa?? kalau orang tanya aku cakap je jual baju dalam ehehe... tapi percaya lah ni bukan sekadar baju dalam biasa tapi corset kesihatan dan kecantikan.. apa lagi kalau bukan Premium Beautiful :) Apa itu PB? Kenapa PB? I'm sure byk burning questions inside ur head right?? Ape hal plak me - an auditor with accounting background with a steady job n definite future career path suddenly nak become marketeer ye tak? What she's been thinking??

Hehe.. definitely I've done my homework.. perform my risk assessment (ehem2.. being an auditor of course this is the 1st thing that came into my mind) thinking it deep n thorough for 2 solid sleepless nites (seriously!) and YES I've finally decided to grab this opportunity and work my way up in 12 months time :) yupp.. u read me right.. just 12 months.. 12 months roadmap is all that it takes, insyaAllah :)

Stay tune.. will share with u guys all answers to the above burning questions in upcoming entries :)