Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Make Up, Make Up, Make Up!

I've been postponing this entry for the upteenth time, only God knows :p one thing is that, I'm really a big fan of cosmetics particularly make-up! It all started years ago when I knew nothing about make-up and now I could do smokey eyes in just minutes! wahh gitewww... bukan berlagak, tp excited dgn pencapaian diri hahahaa...

Nways, for this entry I just want to make some reviews on blushers.. I wasn't a big fan of blushers last time until few months back when I started to experiment on few shades of cheek colors and noted that how blushers could easily lighten up and gives you the glow when you just wanna go bare face. 

So recently I've finally got myself the so hype n famous NARS Blushers!!! yupppp.... it's NARS!!!

I bought online from and shipped via borderlinx (borderlinx is a courier service where they will create a local address for you in US and UK.. so when you shop online where mostly would have a free shipping within US and UK, this is your opportunity! get the advantage of free shipping within US/UK by using your local borderlinx shipping address. Borderlinx will combined your shipment and then ship your purchases to M'sia at certain cost.. it's superfast!) My verdict over the product - I AM SOOOO SATISFIED!

It has satin finishes that i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE... it lasts for a longggg time (i don't think touch-up is require) .. to those out there who is also NARS fans, u maybe wondering, why I didn't get the most famous ORGASM?? Well, based on reviews and swatches that I've seen online, I don't think ORGASM would be something I'll be using on daily basis. Reason because it has gold shimmer in it which I believe can be very flattering for glam nite outs and nite functions. From the above 3 shades, I love LUSTER the most! but both OASIS and DEEP THROAT are also gorgeous and I'm glad to choose these 3 colors as they really different in tone that complement my skin tone. The price however is not very cheap (USD27 ea) but it definitely gonna last long and I find it as value for money.

BTW, if you guys are wondering.. what the hell with all these names?? it's another unique kinda way and trademark of NARS by having such alluring, sexual names.

To bad that you couldn't get NARS in Malaysia or neighbouring countries (yup even Sephora in M'sia and S'pore haven't bring in this brand yet). But good thing is that, I've found another brand that is comparable to NARS in terms of quality and finishes. The best part is that it's much2 cheaper (RM50 ea) and the brand is INGLOT - for now I only know that the outlet is in Sunway Pyramid. I have two shades in no. 21 (very2 close to LUSTER) and 27... my verdict? very2 nice :)

So what is your favourite cheek colors? feel free to share your views :)

Wait for my more to come make-up reviews... have a lot more to share! have a great day ahead alls! cheersss
Note: I am not in any way associated with NARS or INGLOT or get paid for the reviews. The above reviews are just my honest comments based on my experience as user. 

For da Love of a Corset.. why really??

Being someone who promotes corset wearing, I always got people asking me - can you 'breathe' in it (boleh ke bernafas)?? The stereotype about corset is that it normally being associated as uncomfortable and tight fittings.

The truth is that corset could only causes problem when it is too tight due to incorrect fitting. Otherwise, it is comfortable to wear corset and it increases joy of life with the benefits it brings :) So, what is so hype about wearing corset? According to Sylphide, the corset advisor generally there are beautiful effects that corset brings:

1. It makes your waist smaller 
Premium Beautiful gives that immediate effect on your waist line once you put it on.. CONFIRM!

2. It lifts and support your bosom 
Premium Beautiful long bra has the unique 3 pieces dimensional designed to optimize the support for your bosom 

3. It improves your posture 
Premium Beautiful waist nipper is made of 7 pieces of smart technology wires. It provides support to waist as well as upholds the backbone and strengthens the posture firmly.

4. If the corset is long enough below the waist, then it makes your stomach perfectly flat 
Premium Beautiful long bra helps to reduces the bulging stomach and the waist nipper has a unique body shape design that transfers the fat from waist to the breast and buttocks accordingly, thus to create a perfect and well-balanced contour.

5. The corset supports your back when you have to sit on a chair for a long time; this is comfortable and it makes sense from orthopaedic point of view 
Premium Beautiful is internationally recognize and recommended by American Chiropractic Association. Plus, Premium Beautiful is the first corset to get the Superbrands recognition in Malaysia.

Simply said, wearing the right corset and a right size will not only comforts you but will give you the value-added benefits as a woman. As for Premium Beautiful, the corset not only beautify the person's shape, but 70% of the goodness is for health purposes

So what are you waiting for? CALL me for free consultation at 0133619592. SPECIAL GIFTS AWAITS!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

How Bad Can It Be?

Have you ever been so down and you can't even face the world?

Have you ever feel so low and lifeless like a piece of dust that didn't bring any meaning in this life?

Have you ever been in pain that you could no longer shed in any tear?

Have you had a very bad day and you feel that you could no longer move on and it's time to give up?

Have you ever thought that how bad things can be?

Have you ever thought that how long will it lasts?

When everything goes wrong, it's hard to be so strong... don't you think?

We are all human and at some degrees in life there are times when we got hit real hard that we fell and struggle to go back up...

Sometimes it was just a scratch, sometimes it was an open wound..

Sometimes it just cripple you down..

But this is life... life is not all rosy... life is not all bad...indeed life is a blessing... if things turn bad, turn to your faith

Ya Qawiyyun.. Ya Qaharrun.. Ya Wahabbun.. Ya Allah...

God would never send a cross harder than what we can carry.. bird sings after a storm.. why shouldn't we?

May Allah bless us and gives us all the strength that we need to face this journey in life.. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin..

Friday, March 9, 2012

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist

best, best, best... amazing experience

Hi all.. Alhamdulillah the 2 days booth opening event has ended successfully. A new and lively experience and such pleasure getting to meet new acquaintances from Putrajaya and not to mention other sellers. I've people asking me around when I'll be opening next, but frankly I couldn't make any promise yet... kalau ada rezeki lagi in near future, why not :)

So, to those who missed the opportunity to drop by at our booth few days back, I've also have few selections of Victoria's Secret body mist up for grab! With pretty, unique, and one of a kind new packaging, plenty of lovely scents still left (yezzaa...) so, do contact me if you want to order while stock lasts.. but due to the nature of this product, I could only do COD around Pantai, Bangsar, Kinrara, Equine Park and Taman Puncak Jalil... oh btw, the price is RM47 ONLY Few snapshots as you can see below...

Endless Love, Pure Seduction, Lost in Fantasy, Amber Romance, etc.. the list goes on... ask me if you have specific scents that I could check if we still have it in stock... come on, grab it fast! or you can get any of it for FREEEEEE - ask me to know more ;)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

FREE GIFTS - Sneak Peak

As you all know, today and tomorrow Journey Towards Beautiful Life is opening a promotional booth at Wisma Tani, Putrajaya.

I was sooo nervous this morning (ye lah my first time experience bukak booth tau) setting up the station and all..until Kak Lily arrived :) after some pep talk n all then we are geared up.. Alhamdulillah the day went well, and managed to get attentions of the passer by. Many thanks to warga Putrajaya!

Oh btw, please continue to drop your names at our booth TOMORROW cos' it's gonna be our LAST DAY as we are giving out some FREE GIFTS to the proud owner of Premium Beautiful who came about during our two awesome booth days at Wisma Tani.. yup, it's FREEEEE... haishhh mmg beruntung la sape2 yang dapat ni.. jom i bg intip skit ape kebendanye FREE GIFTS ni.

original MAC stuff tau... ada duo-eyeshadow, blushers, lipglass and  mono eyeshadow
oh ada Bobbi Brown  jugak ok... mono eyeshadow and lip gloss
On top of that akan ada jugak top of the line selection of Victoria Secrets body mist (kalau uols drop by my booth dapat la tengok how it looks like), MAC brow pencils, the one and only H2O+ travel kit (best niii)... I'm gonna bundle up some of these items as FREE GIFTS to the proud PB owners (the value for each gifts gonna be more than RM180 gitewww *droolsss) and it doesn't stops there tau.... the person has a fat chance to join our next FREE TRIP TO GUANGZHOU... woot! woot!! 

The beautiful all year round 'Flower City' ..... bestnyaaa jomss uols!