Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's Backkkk - NOSE Warehouse Sale 2012

I went to this sale twice so far and to me it was a great sale! tak percaya?? tgk sendiri lah ye.. all the hauls below I got for RM10 each... if u can get for RM10, why pay more, right? And by the way, I am a size 5 or 36... most of the shoes last me more than a year except for one or two that tend to worn out too soon. But wat a heck, it's just RM10 shoes!

this was the one that last me only couple of months :(

one of my fav - got this in 2009 and it last me until 2011! very comfy despite the high heels.. wait, it got another color 
tadaaaaa... I love this color more but the above can match almost anything that I wear
these were RM10 each.. can u believe it??
I remember that they used to have the warehouse sale once a year but for this year if not mistaken they had it once early this year... I had enough since my last big haul last year. It's worth to go, the place not so congested and although it's in a warehouse, quite airy but my advice pls dont drag ur kids along... bukan apa, kesian nnt kat budak2.. For me warehouse sale is not a good place to bring along kids unless u come very early before the crowd building up. 

But do share wit me what u guys got for yourself if you are going to this coming sale! enjoy shoppinggg :)

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