Thursday, December 20, 2012

In Memory - En. Hashim Mohammed

Today is a very sad, sad day for me and many of us who lives were touched by this wonderful person - En Hashim Mohammed.. He was my ex-boss, the greatest mentor I've ever met that no other words could described about his great persona. Sesungguhnya Allah lebih menyayangi dirinya..He passed away peacefully today at about 11am in Damansara Specialist Hospital... Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas rohnya dan moga arwah ditempatkan di Jannah, Aminnn. Due to my condition right now, I couldn't pay my last tribute to arwah and visit his family... hanya doa dari jauh yg dapat aku sampaikan (moment that I got the news I already lost my appetite uhuk2)

I knew him for a long time since I was still at school because he and family was our neighbour at Bukit Antarabangsa. But back then, I used to addressed him as Uncle Hashim and his wife as Aunty Jasmin :) I still called his wife as Aunty Jasmin though... Aunty Jasmin and my mom used to car pool since her kids went to the same school as my brothers (both were still at primary and I'm already in secondary school). Back then, En Hashim was working with Shell.. and he started joining TM as Group Chief Internal Auditor in October 2002, the same year I started working with TM after graduating from MMU. 

I joined GIA in year 2005 and it was during the interview he noticed that I was his neighbour's daughter. However, the fact that he knows my parents doesn't hinder his professionalism to treat everyone fair and equal. He is indeed a great leader and very2 brilliant... for 5 years being his staff, I've seen he brought the best out of people and leverages on people strength. He is a visionary man and many of his protege have left GIA to be leaders in other companies and GM within TM. 

A handsome and charismatic guy.. in the background is Dato' Sri Zam - TM GCEO 
He started falling ill towards end of 2010. It was in early 2011 when he became very sick and was hospitalized for quite sometimes and later was diagnosed as having blood cancer :(( he officially left TM in June 2011. The whole department was devastated when he left but our pray always goes with him as we respect his and his family decision.

My 1st year in GIA (2005) during GIA Jumpstart and Team Building at Fraser's Hill a.k.a En Hashim's 'olde  English'... guess, which one is me??

En Hashim, you are truly an idola.. you have left a legacy that will be treasured by GIAans and GANs always. Thank you for touching my life, sharing your thoughts, your vision and giving me the opportunity that makes me a better person I am today. Hilangnya dirimu tiada gantinya :( Doaku sentiasa mengiringi mu, semoga arwah tenang di sana.. To his wife and children - Aunty Jasmin, Shazana dan Adri, semoga tabah menghadapi dugaan Allah SWT. 

One of his glory day - always an active sportsman, proud of his team achievement in Oxbridge Harvard Boat Race in 2008 

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  1. Al-Fatihah. Went to the same school as arwah but last met him in the 80's. Didnt know he passed away in 2012. A really nice guy and will miss him.